King Wah (I Think I Love You) | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day November 1, 2023

King Wah (I Think I Love You)

By Horatio Baltz with 7.3

comedy · Short Films

The short film offers romance and a potential love story in the most unexpected ways. The manner it adopts for the execution of its story is unexpected, unpredictable and perhaps even the stuff of (albeit borderline twisted) dreams. The colours are intense and the visuals overflowing with a passion you might find difficult to pin down a particular character or event in the film.

A reticent delivery man carries takeaways to doorsteps of unusual customers who refuse to pay him his due. He lets this bitterness find a voice in the fortune cookie messages he writes for them. Amidst all the humour and eccentricities of this narrative, this becomes a surprisingly humane touch to the character as well as the film.

From ones of kindness and comfort, to those of absolute dismissal and anger, the messages cover the full spectrum. One night, however, a woman with a bloodied bandage over an eye and a story of an experience as disorienting as her appearance, finds her way to the restaurant the protagonist works at. The whole film has been moving towards this, and when it finally arrives, it is that one promised moment of comfort in this surreal narrative of dark colours, seedy characters and intriguing images.
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