Kaandpur | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 14, 2023


By Abhyudaya Sharma with 7

action · Short Films · english

The plunge into the world of ‘Kaandpur’ is sudden and invigorating. Vinod has found himself in a real fix, and now he rushes to move a huge mass from its position deep in the ground, to another location. Helped by Rafiq and Guddu, the protagonist executes the task in absolute darkness, after having gone through a harrowing thrashing himself at the hands of the local goons.

After the narrative has deliberately painted a different picture, when the revelation about the true nature of this act arrives, it proves to be shocking as much as it is involving. This, in turn, enables the film to present an important comment about social realities, and the extremes they can push people to.

Locating itself in Kanpur, India, the title plays not only on the city’s name, but also on kaand, a slang that loosely translates to scandal or an act gone terribly wrong. The world of the film, though not without a few rough edges in its narratorial progression, is handled with care and sincerity, and presents a voice that is original, authentic and undiminished.
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