In My Mind | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day November 27, 2022

In My Mind

By Harvey Pearson with 6.9

experimental · Short Films · english

The film opens with a man speaking to an unspecified listener. Is he speaking with himself? Is the conversation only inside his head or is someone truly present in the room? The silence that accompanies this monologue pronounces a sense of isolation that is also evident in the austere surroundings of a nondescript room.

The visual development is soon juxtaposed against the endless open space of the sea. The presence of a woman conjures a suggestion of memory, and therefore, presents another imagined listener to the protagonist. By invoking the said narrative, there is a sincere endeavor to talk about the isolation and loneliness of mental health struggles.

Pain, grief, loss, longing, all of these are suggested within the film. Though the writing might run the danger of being a little young, the performance, visuals and edit all exhibit deep potential.
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