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Short Film of the Day January 10, 2022


By Inês Loura with 6.9

poetry · Short Films

The short poetic narrative, drawing inspiration from Maya Angelou’s 'Still I Rise', conjures a visually notable creative endeavor for you. It brings to life a plot marked the fluidity of bodily movement which, in turn, articulates a fluidity of thought.

The parkour and acrobatics further rope in a weightlessness akin to flying, perhaps further suggesting a flight from one's mortal inhibitions and limitations. These are tied with a poetic voiceover that asserts the same ideas of finding your own invincible self, irrespective of the obstacles that might be strewn in your way.

The brief final result that weaves the various elements together is a stunning thing to watch, one that invokes a sense of deep admiration and awe for everything the human body is capable of, thereby further reminding one of not only our physical but also mental and emotional capabilities. Essentially, the film is a putting together of a brilliant performance by way of sophisticated camerawork, and it is precisely through this lens that it should be viewed.
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