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Short Film of the Day June 25, 2024


By Kristian Mercado Figueroa with 7.3

music video · Short Films · english

The music video most beautifully addresses a storm within - one of familial conflicts and domestic upheavals, as well as a storm without - Hurricane Maria of 2017. Following the story of a woman who is a single mother to two daughters, the song invokes the forever forward moving motion of life that waits for none. Irrespective of the destruction the Hurricane left in its wake in Puerto Rico, the resilient human spirit refuses to give in. Once again houses are raised from the rubble and business goes on as usual.

Along with everything else, the video is also a comment on survival and how life will continue to thrive in the face of all adversity. Be it a natural disaster that uprooted houses or be it our own choices of choosing partners that threatened and perhaps even proved to be extremely tumultuous for our lives, there is nothing that truly stops the protagonist from pushing through, if for nothing then for her daughters.

Mela Murder delivers the most stellar performance as Milagros, the woman who takes on the world singlehandedly as a perseverant mother. She translates the vulnerability as well as the fierceness of her character gloriously to the screen. This, when coupled with soulful vocals by Alynda Mariposa Segarra, and intelligently chosen visuals that tell Milagros' story, along with a chapter from the life of Puerto Rico, offer a brilliantly achieved narrative and music video.
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