How to Live | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month April 2023

How to Live

By Ari Frenkel with 7.2

comedy · Short Films · english

With his dog as a constant companion, and listener of all his woes, Ari soldiers on trying to figure out the best way to lead his life. Archival footage, and pop culture references, to name a few elements that constitute this colorful, eclectic ride, are imbued with a tone of intimacy and the personal, all along tackling the age-old question echoed in the title - how to live.

Tied with the internal struggles of an artist, and the meaning they might seek in their creative processes, in the act of constructing something from scratch, the film also presents elements of docufiction as well as of an autobiographical documentary. However, the sentiment that prevails above all is the eventual heartwarming culmination of Ari’s journey.

The film is a success not simply because it entertains, amuses, and involves, all of which it achieves with ease, but most importantly because it leaves audiences with a sense of invincible hope that only accentuates the narrative's inherent uplifting ideas on life and the wonder of the journey that it has to offer.
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