HoneyDough | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 11, 2021


By Jillian Vitko with 6.3

dark comedy · Short Films

It is Valentine's Day as a woman sits making plans with herself and the wine in her refrigerator. However, the course of the night soon changes drastically, when while looking for dessert, she stumbles across a strange box of dough in the kitchen shelf.

With her roommate out for a romantic dinner with her boyfriend (soon-to-be fiance), the protagonist decides to bake herself a perfect man for her own stay-at-home evening. What follows next is the embodiment of a suave, alluring, seductive lover, raising the question - can anything this perfect actually be true?

The short film attempts to bring in romance, humor and a markedly dark development of events to share its story with the viewer. It is indeed in the department of lighting that points are lost, but on the whole, the final result remains entertaining, along with possessing the desire to share its story with the viewer.
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