Hello Mattress | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 19, 2022

Hello Mattress

By Jeremy Carr with 6.7

drama · Short Films

'Hello Mattress' is an interesting film to engage with. It is essentially a conversation between a couple, Zak and Sara. As Zak bids on a used (or 'slightly used', as he is quick to point out) mattress, Sara is a bundle of paranoia and anxieties about the origins of the mattress, and why it's current owner might be selling it.

The conversation progresses to rope in the undead and hitmen looking for stowed away cash, while the narrative maintains its deliberate frivolity throughout. The main strength of the film remains the story it chooses to tell, a single moment in the life of two people. It further goes to show how this moment, simply by itself, is capable of invoking different emotions within the viewer.

All of this is achieved in under five minutes, while using the same physical space. Though a little undercooked, the film definitely shows potential in its voice and storytelling.
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