Heartbreaker | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month February 2022


By Aidan Cheeatow with 7.4

drama · Short Films · english

A film does not always have to deal with grand thematic concerns for it to be powerful and lasting in the impression it makes. Sometimes it can simply deal with a single moment of grief to shatter your heart and, in the process, justify its title, Heartbreaker. Sincere and poignant in the authenticity with which it approaches and portrays the underpinnings of the plot, the story is of a custody battle between a young mother and childcare services.

As you are allowed a longer glimpse into the mother's life, the heartache and grief of separation become characters in their own right. At the core of the narrative rest potent questions about parenting - is only love enough? Who decides these parameters of what is and what isn't enough? Consequently, the film leaves you struggling with ideas of right and wrong, the several complexities of the adult world fighting over an innocent infant who has no understanding of the events unfolding around her and most importantly, about the urgency of protecting her from the very person who could have been responsible for her well-being in a parallel world.

In terms of its storytelling, and moving beyond the sentiment it engages with, the film is especially beautiful in the manner in which it employs sound. Be it a gentle humming, an eerie silence gradually building into something else or an indistinctly muffled conversation, as disorienting as viewing a blurry world from underwater - all of them serve the purpose of amplifying the inherent sentiment of the narrative, leading to a story that stays with you long after you are done interacting with it.
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