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Short Film of the Month August 2023


By Flora Fei with 7.1

drama · Short Films · english

The film preoccupies itself with a moment fraught with extreme tension and anxiety, yet subdued and muzzled by layers and layers of familial dynamics and etiquette. Young Jade arrives at her grandmother's birthday party, but the event is marked by something oppressive, something far beyond the realm of the child's comprehension.

Jade will meet her half-sister Katrina for the first time on this day. The constant sense of unease never truly leaves the adult equations either, and located at the heart of all this is the alienation and anxiety Jade experiences, without the ability to articulate or even process all that unfolds.

The short film does a beautiful, earnest job of portraying the many nuances and undercurrents that lurk in the unsaid things. Eschewing sentimentalism, or any kind of overt emotional outbursts or exclamations, the realm is conjured for the viewer. The visual grammar, as well as the silences, tied together most seamlessly by the immense vulnerability of its young protagonist, complete and deliver the film to the audience.
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