Going Back to Move Forward | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 7, 2024

Going Back to Move Forward

By Filippo Ciccone with 7.1

documentary · Short Films · italian

The film is an intimate reflection of a very personal thought and approach to life that attains an unmissable universality in its portrayal. The narrative introduces us to Mirko, an artisan who has turned what was once a workshop for tools into a sanctuary of creativity.

Moody shots take us into a world where the protagonist works with immense care and dedication to keep an art form alive. In his own words, he maps a movement “from artist to artisan”, by taking the viewer deeper into the innards of his workshop. This is further coupled with visuals of the outdoors, the fields, and forests that serve as his companions.

The film's thoughtful screenplay, its controlled pacing, and the quietness of it all portray for the viewer a space of handicrafts, a realm that is deliberately slowed down in an age where everything - from fashion to food to the content we consume - is fast and instant. The subsequent narrative thus becomes a heartfelt reflection of a process that entails going back to the past to create something for the future, something that would last and endure the test of time, in the process, also pronouncing its title.
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