Ghost Me | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day July 19, 2021

Ghost Me

By Anisha Savan with 6.9

horror · Short Films

Of the many phrases and phenomenon that have surfaced from the world of dating in the last couple of years, 'ghosting' remains an oft discussed entity. Using it as a starting point for the viewer's introduction to its premise, Ghost Me portrays the story of a single night when Kat and Joe meet for a cozy, intimate date. And yet, amidst wine and flirtatious banter, the most unexpected revelation awaits Joe. The seemingly cheery house of his date is haunted, and by multiple ghosts indeed.

The audience's surprise and uncertainty with the direction the evening is now headed in finds a reflection in Joe's reaction as well. However, instead of getting daunted by this new piece of information, he chooses to give the idea of a potential relationship with Kat a chance.

The narrative that thus develops exhibits a dedication to storytelling, employing jump scares, but steering clear of the usual traps of the approach that may weigh down an endeavor of the kind. As it intermingles horror with humor, at the heart of the plot rests a metal, floral box, with its dainty aesthetic in synchronization with the rest of the apartment. It contains secrets the unearthing of which will pack a shocking climax for the viewer, and also the answer about the conclusion of this strange, potentially fateful night.
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