Frayed | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day February 22, 2023


By Mark E Salmon with 6.9

sci fi · Short Films · english

‘Frayed’ presents a single circumstance, and deliberately lets the viewer fill in on the beginning and the conclusion of the plot. The middle is what we are allowed engagement with. By hurling the audience right into the heart of action, it conjures a world where people are mysteriously disappearing.

The protagonist is returning home in this disorienting reality, and panic is rife. A call from his anxious girlfriend, followed by another from a friend, who is equally worried and scared, further mount the tension. As the protagonist himself attempts to make sense of the swiftly unfolding events, a truly shocking development awaits him.

The film presents all of this while sustaining high-paced action, ensuring the viewer’s attention never wanders. The performance of each actor, whether we see them on screen or only hear their voice, simply bolsters this endeavor further. Notably, 'Frayed' ends at a crucial juncture, perhaps suggesting how the short can be an apt concept for a longer project.
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