Frankie and Benny  | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month April 2024

Frankie and Benny

By Markus Meedt with 7.1

comedy · Short Films · english

What would happen if Victor Frankenstein were to bring a monster to life in contemporary times, with access to modern technology, his research being part of an online course titled Cadaver Reanimation? The two would be called Frankie and Benny, to begin with. Our modern-day version is marked by a bonhomie, or at least the desire for it, instead of the cold repulsion of a creator from his monster.

When Frankie brings his dead friend Benny to life, he realizes he has on his hands something very different from his dreams of a rekindled friendship. Instead, he now finds himself with an 'abomination', as he calls Benny himself, who is here to stay for life, and not simply for Christmas.

The resultant narrative is marked by humor, but also, by the brutal aspects of existence and the human body that creep up on the viewer in the most unexpected ways. They make you flinch, but at the same time, also ensure that you cannot look away from this story of grief, guilt, friendship, loss, and the eventual circuitous path back to hope and companionship. The chemistry of actors, and the other crucial components of the film’s world - make-up, sound design, writing, visual grammar - all supplement the endeavor to ensure ‘Frankie and Benny’ becomes an endearing, entertaining narrative about the experiences of a shared bond between two friends.
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