Foresight | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 26, 2024


By Ryan Lilienfield with 7

sci fi · Short Films · english

The conciseness of the film presents a swiftly unfolding narrative that covers a diverse emotional spectrum. From anger and doubt to love and heartache, all of these emotions are roped in to construct the world of ‘Foresight’.

A man has arrived at an expert’s doorstep to use ‘foresight’ which enables him to see what lies in the future with the help of a device. At the heart of all his questioning lies doubts about a romantic partner’s fidelity. As technology is interwoven with deep emotional ties and dilemmas, one of the core thematic concerns of the film is allowed portrayal. It offers an interesting overlap between something as clinical and impersonal as technology, and something as intimate and close to one's heart as love and relationships.

The narrative that is thus constructed in the revelation of this truth is marked by a seamlessness of visuals, screenplay and edit, alongside equally strong performances. Perhaps the plot could be developed further, and engaged with more deeply in subsequent projects that have the luxury of length. 'Foresight' definitely leaves the door open for that.
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