Fleas | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 16, 2022


By Dirty Sloth with 6.8

horror · Short Films · english

Audrey is out for a run with her dog, Gus. A seemingly regular affair, however, soon turns into something sinister when Gus runs deeper into the woods, ignoring all of Audrey's urgent calls.The narratorial progression takes place with an economy of dialogue, leaving the viewer to interact more with the ominous events developing before them, along with the sounds that accompany them.

The plot continues to present question after question as Audrey sights an unusual presence in the woods. Much to her as well as the viewer's horror, Gus runs deeper into the foliage and emerges only after some time has passed. While his coat may be smeared with an unusual, strange substance, everything else still appears unscathed. And yet, Audrey is deeply disconcerted, also leaving the viewer aware of something being truly amiss.

The various components of the narrative are presented thus, while being deliberately obscured by doubts and uncertainty. There is also the desire to experiment with visuals and the edit that sews them together. It is a welcome prospect to engage with subsequent parts of the story and unearth the direction it is eventually headed in.
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