Escape | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 31, 2022


By Monika Abate with 6.4

crime · Short Films · english

One day, Eliza Mason finds herself in the eye of the most unexpected storm - being accused of her brother’s murder. Despite asserting over and over again that she did not commit the deed, she is unable to provide sufficient evidence for the same.

Eliza is imprisoned with no avenue of proving her innocence available to her. However, things soon take an unexpected turn, right ahead of when the cops are about to kill her in custody and make it look like a suicide. There is an attempt by the narrative to bring in several moving parts to enhance itself by way of swift action and development of events.

The short film is a zealous endeavor in weaving a story of crime, drama, loss and kinship. Though a few wrinkles remain in the department of sound, the desire to share its intentions and plot with the viewer remains dominant.
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