Entropy | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 15, 2021


By Matan Portnoy with 6.8

experimental · Short Films · english

The word entropy simply means unpredictability or the gradual descent into disorder. When applied to life, in general, or relationships, in particular, it could then perhaps define the essence of them, one which ensures that throughout our emotional equations and dynamics, the only constant is change.

Whether change would be for better or worse is anybody's guess, and yet, we continue to push forth, undaunted and unintimidated in the face of all this uncertainty. The short film is an exploration of that moment of unpredictability when it is for the worse. What happens after it has left you reeling in the aftermath of change? What were the memories and experiences preceding it? The questions are raised, soon followed by their answers, presented in a burst of colors, one after the other.

The visual treatment of the story remains experimental and notable, employing not simply shades denoting each emotion or stage of a relationship, but also silhouettes and shadows. This, in turn, allows the final product a fresh portrayal of a story we all know too well - one of union, intimacy, eventual distance, finally followed by heartbreak and hurt.
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