Egg on Your Face | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day September 23, 2020

Egg on Your Face

By Joshua Parkhill with 7.5

comedy · Short Films · english

The viewer should go completely unprepared into Egg On Your Face and then allow it to entertain, amuse and surprise them in its own skilled and sincere manner. However, for the sake of appreciating the film, it is impossible to not defy the aforementioned proposition and bring in the first defining word - mockumentary. And yet, just when one begins to chalk it away as a product of laughs, impactful but empty, there is a beautifully profound message that makes you sit up in your seat and acknowledge the unexpected moment that just hit you before you could realise where it came from.

The narrative takes you into the life of Blaisse Durant, realised most notably by Quentin Bruno's zealous performance, who has spent years perfecting the art of cooking eggs. From their history to social and cultural location to their origin, Durant has employed it all to prepare his business proposal, supplemented by the hours he has spent at Barnes & Noble, pouring over the books of Malcolm Gladwell. After such a foolproof strategy, there is perhaps little that can go wrong, right? That is the expectation the tone and the atmosphere of the film conjured so far would attempt to convince the viewer of.

What follows next is a strange unfolding of events in quick succession, unpredictable for the audience, but never disloyal to the core intentions and consistency of the narrative. The film develops most smoothly, supplemented by camerawork and edit that exhibit verve and great energy and, in turn, compel the viewer to participate wholeheartedly in the story. However, the true triumph of the film lies in the manner in which it manages to locate an interesting message, heartwarming for some viewers, while a comment on society itself for others, even at the centre of all the chaos and absurdity it has presented forth all along.
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