Dredge | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 19, 2022


By Zach Closs with 6.7

crime · Short Films · english

From suspense to thrill to dark comedy to gore and body horror, 'Dredge' packs it all in a concise, brief manner. Other than the action that unfolds before you, the film is primarily a stringing together of conversations. A woman who is conducting seedy business with the 'Swiss' is deeply unhappy about her professional outcomes. With imminent financial woes as well as trouble with law enforcement, she is at the end of her road.

On the other hand, the person who mows her lawn, is in a different kind of desperate situation, indeed triggered by her own respective work and money troubles. As this subtle parallel is drawn, the plot comes into being. The manner in which these pressures get expressed and articulated lead to two gruesome acts, each becoming the defining feature of the two women, allowing the film to express its intentions in a lucid manner. Additionally, there is an overlap of these stories with a third character, and a performance marked by clear skill and conviction, that ties the whole narrative together, while also allowing a bridge between its two predominant strands.

The various elements further put a class hierarchy in place, while at the same time, offering a comment on the disastrous results that are born out of a desperate bid to survive. It is precisely these aspects of the storytelling that, despite a few rough edges in the handling of its visuals, eventually ensure that the film presents a composite whole to the audience to interact with.
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