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Short Film of the Day April 26, 2020


By Evolve Studios with 7

drama · Short Films

The coronavirus pandemic has introduced us to an isolation quite unprecedented in human history. While the adherence to the lockdown has brought with it financial tribulations and all sorts of practical difficulties, another huge hurdle to accompany it is that of the emotional well-being of a people who now find themselves devoid of the safety of a community they might have even taken for granted earlier.

Distance bases itself on the same premise, endeavouring to be an exploration of not only the physical distance, an absolute must to combat the novel Covid-19 virus, but also the emotional distance we may find ourselves face to face with. In essence, our quarantine is not simply confined to physical boundaries, but has stretched its limbs to the mental and psychological aspects of our day-to-day lives as well.

The film employs a straight narrative to suggest fighting the obstacles with kindness and by the simple act of reaching out to one another. It ties together the experiences of three different households, each dealing with their own set of problems as they grapple with an uncertainty with no end in sight, and finds a way to communicate its point of making their presence felt irrespective of their limited physical freedom.

The visuals are sophisticated and smooth, exhibiting skilled camerawork. The film also manages to make efficient use of its limited resources and opportunities as a result of its adherence to the official health guidelines.
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