Curb Service | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 15, 2022

Curb Service

By John Sexton with 6.6

drama · Short Films

A man stands by the curb, waiting to be picked up by someone. The mood is melancholy, marked by dolefulness of color and mannerisms. However, the tension is soon undercut by what follows next. Two people, accompanied by a dog, stop by, and ensure that the protagonist finds himself sandwiched in a very uncomfortable situation.

The narrative subverts any and all expectations the film’s title may have established so far. Instead of beverages and snacks by the roadside, we are instead met with a very different ‘curb service’. After lightheartedness and teasing, now emotions of loss, grief and death enter the plot, but without making it overbearing.

The film offers a union of the two moods, and it is indeed in this that its most notable characteristic lies. It is also a welcome prospect to see further exploration of the premise, and overlap of mood and tones in future storytelling endeavors.
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