Crazy | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day October 27, 2020


By Holt Boggs with 6.9

comedy · Short Films

The film opens on a note that is fraught with tension - a man is sitting by himself at a restaurant, impatiently waiting for someone. The first impression is of darkness and shadows, a palette of deep colors that is intended to conceal the secrets that simmer underneath the surface. The entry of the second character deliberately makes the viewer locate the film as a crime fiction - one marked by a violent undertaking that has just seen its completion.

After the premise has been set, the unexpected appearance of humour subverts the intensity located within the narrative so far, and allows it to now take another form the viewer did not see coming or prepare themselves for.

What begins as a parody of crime fiction soon develops a whole new characteristic it had been preparing itself for all along. This, in turn, enables the film to not only succeed, owing to convincing performances, effortless chemistry of its two actors and crisp writing, but to also offer an interesting treatment and understanding of the word 'crazy', giving it a lighthearted (but well-meaning) and unpredictable twist.
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