Coffee & Sugar | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day January 27, 2022

Coffee & Sugar

By Andy Volk with 6.9

documentary · Short Films · english

Condensed in under ten minutes is the lovely, heartwarming story of a couple that spent a lifetime together, and some more. Andy Volk introduces us to his nana, the ninety-three-year-old Carol, who was married to her beloved husband, George, for sixty-two years. What began as a whirlwind romance, was soon followed by a wedding, and eventually, a big, loving family.

The film is beautiful in its intimacy, vulnerability and sadness. It biggest strength is easily its subject and sole character, and her enduring story. The visual representation of the same is achieved by animation which is sometimes hand-drawn, and sometimes created using stop-motion. The narrative also wonderfully conflates love and marriage with friendship. Could that be the secret to eternal love and companionship? Perhaps, yes, as the film would suggest.

'Coffee & Sugar', the title borrowed from a sweet anecdote within the story, will make you smile, involve you deeply in its storytelling, and when it is all done, leave you with an unexpected sense of hope and warmth.
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