Checkpoint | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 11, 2022


By Jason Sheedy with 6.9

sci fi · Short Films

‘Checkpoint’ pivots on an interesting premise that grabs the viewer’s attention right from the word go. A man wakes up in a blasted, barren heath and finds himself surrounded by the most perilous tasks.

Abel seeks his lost love Victoria, while battling both internal and external obstacles. His greed becomes the driving force for his actions, sometimes even overcoming the love that had initially pushed him forth on the path. The video game-esque treatment of the visuals allows them a heady quality as this strange, isolating world is brought into existence.

The fast-paced narrative packs all of this, and some more, for there indeed exists a surprising development awaiting the protagonist, as well as the viewer, at the end of it all. The story is condensed in under ten minutes, ensuring each moment is utilized to its full efficiency while, at the same time, leaving one with the prospect of a longer project that expands on the premise.
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