Case Closed | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 26, 2021

Case Closed

By Brandon Allan with 6.8

comedy · Short Films · english

Private investigators Mark Johnson and John Markson have long held dreams of becoming police officers solving crimes and helping those in need. Their reality, however, is far from that as they execute one inane task after another. From looking for dogs that are already dead to helping teenaged boys ascertain the birthday presents their father will get for them, Mark and John's life is not as adventurous as they would have preferred. Consequently, they have very little awareness of how quickly all of this is going to change.

As Mark gets abducted, John is forced to break out of his drunken stupor to go on a wild goose chase to save his partner and friend. The narrative develops to rope in elements of a buddy film, draw punches (albeit a little too graphic sometimes for those with a weak stomach) that achieve their target, all along generating laughs at the expense of our hapless characters.

John is a man on a mission who will leave (almost) no stone unturned in saving Mark, barring a small episode of forgetfulness. Now that he is set on his goal, could it be thus that the abductors are more in peril than Mark himself? The answer, and all its unexpected ramifications, lie in the film's conclusion.
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