Buy Yourself for Christmas | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 20, 2022

Buy Yourself for Christmas

By Jeremy Carr with 6.6

sci fi · Short Films · english

It’s Christmas eve and Allie’s mother is heading out for a night shift, leaving her young daughter alone at home. However, because it is a special night, she also leaves Allie with a gift card to buy herself a present.

Our protagonist browses through different options online, until something finally catches her fancy. It is the option to buy another version of herself to keep her company during an otherwise lonely time. As science fiction attempts a union with horror and thrill, the plot comes into being.

A swift end to the loneliness that can often plague one during the holiday season seems too good to be true, and it is certainly a dangerous path to tread upon in the case of the protagonist as well. The short film makes a sincere attempt to weave all of these elements together, while experimenting with the manner in which these details are shared with the audience. At the end of it all, the viewer is left with an entertaining, devoted end result.
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