Brought to You by Satan | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day January 9, 2021

Brought to You by Satan

By Holly Laurent with 7

dark comedy · Short Films

Humour and horror are two components of storytelling as disparate and distinct as oil and water if handled without finesse. And yet, if put together with attention to detail and the manner of treatment, they can lead to a sufficiently fulfilling story. The film is one such example, more effortless and satisfying in its final product than simple, sufficient fulfilment.

The narrative is tight and crisp, without wasting a single moment and hitting the nail on the head right away. The pace, as a result, comes across as organic as well as engaging. The story is of one night when a woman is heading out for dinner with her parents and partner. If the viewer has been left wondering so far by the title of the film, their curiosity is about to be dispelled at this little get-together.

The visuals employ a skilful use of close-ups with a complementary background score to bring to life on screen a fairly disconcerting story. Despite the assurance you may have given yourself so far, owing to the setting and the general ambience, that nothing truly disturbing is going to happen, the unease that something terrible lurks just around the corner, never leaves you alone. It is in this constant undercurrent of tension and stress that the success of Brought to You by Satan lies.
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