Brilliance | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day October 23, 2022


By Junzhe Tang with 7.3

romance · Short Films

‘Brilliance’, marked by unmissable poetic and surrealist qualities, is simply a story of two high-school girls. However, it’s the treatment and portrayal of the said narrative that truly elevates it.

The girls, aspiring painters and artists, while discussing their approach to art and linked goals, present metaphors that become the heart of the story. As they discuss self-portraits, and the revelations that they carry within, the characters speak of the many ways they are being stopped, or will eventually be stopped, from painting all that they desire. The question that then propels the narrative forward is that will they also be stopped from loving who they want, and as they want?

It is in the implicit nature of this thought, loaded and moulded by uncertainty and chaos, that the act of painting becomes a metaphor for love. All of these ideas are further coupled with a beautiful background score, and heartfelt performances that thus bring the narrative home in a seamless manner.
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