Boundaries | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day July 24, 2021


By Natalie Shirinian with 6.9

non fiction · Short Films · english

Boundaries is a mingling of dance and music in order to allow an emotional expression that transcends the many limitations that can sometimes plague verbal communication. As the film introduces you to Cristina Teresa Hall, a world renowned flamenco dancer, it invokes a conversation on the myriad elements that inhabit the emotional, mental, and sometimes, even the creative space, only to find articulation in the fluidity of physical movement.

Locating itself within the symmetry of the Saint Joseph's Art Society, in San Francisco, USA, the video offers the portrayal of a mood that is marked by a notable resonance in a world where a pandemic redefined for us what it meant to hurt, drown in despair, and yet, overcome it to find hope all over again.

It is precisely when you may have been convinced that now the body is exhausted and lies at rest, it rises again, to the beat of the music, following the same rhythm it had learnt to follow all along. In the process, the video shares its intentions equipped with a judicious employment of metaphors and symbolism that, in turn, enable it to offer a cohesive, comprehensive narrative to the viewer.
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