Boiler | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day August 17, 2020


By Nicholas Motyka with 6.9

experimental · Short Films · english

The film offers an interesting mingling of poetry and the visual narrative of its choice. Unlike most short films inspired by such a piece of writing, which bring in a voiceover with corresponding visuals, Boiler adopts a refreshingly different approach. Using words written by Bob Holman, the film conjures a world of its own - one marked by unease, deep discomfort, graphic visuals and a devotion to storytelling.

The story opens on a note which deceives the viewer about the direction in which its events are headed. The scene is about a couple driving on an empty highway, a potentially romantic set-up at first glance. However, this deception soon gives itself away as a sense of discomfort, elemental to the rest of the narrative, enters the picture.

The film is marked by its minimalist, theatrical setting, akin to a drama unfolding on stage. The smart use of camera enables it to produce the desired effect, a deep disgust in the viewer, which, in turn, succeeds at making them part of the agitation and anxieties of the young woman and man themselves. The dialogues follow a rhythm which produce the clipped effect of staccato poetry, allowing the experimental film, despite all its abstraction, to communicate to the viewer an experience that is very relatable and mundane - visiting families during the holidays and the underlying tension that accompanies this situation.
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