Blood Sugar | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day December 18, 2020

Blood Sugar

By Freddie Hall with 6.8

action · Short Films · english

Packed with high-paced action within a crisp narrative of only a few minutes, the short film presents to you a moment in time, without explicitly mentioning the events that preceded it or the chaos which is just about to succeed it. And yet, a lucid picture is conjured in the viewer's mind which gives them a cohesive understanding of the circumstances at hand.

Two brothers, Kevin and Liam, have abducted a man and are holding him hostage in a desperate attempt to put a lid on some seedy arrangement involving money. Amidst the intensity of the situation, humour is allowed an unexpected entry in the form of bickering between the two characters over, as one would have it, a bar of Twix. However inane it might appear superficially, this is precisely the object which would explain the title of the film, as well as become the very thing on which matters of life and death would come to pivot.

The energy of the taut narrative never dips, keeping you involved till the very conclusion. As the characters try to find a way out of the sticky situation they have landed themselves in, there is also a comment to be made about the progress of their relationship alongside it. Additionally, the chemistry between the actors is especially notable, elevating the film further, and allowing it to be an entertaining, fun, quirky product on the whole.
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