Because the World Turns Very Slowly | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 2, 2022

Because the World Turns Very Slowly

By Joachim Böttcher with 6.4

drama · Short Films · english

Emilia is a cut-throat professional in a man’s world. Consequently, sexism and naysayers abound around her. Mediocre men take a special interest in her personal life, and use it as an excuse for her success. However, Emilia has not achieved everything that she has without the ability to handle the criticism that is thrown her way.

The narrative also includes women who support and uplift each other, coming to Emilia’s defense when the moment requires it. As the plot develops, however, a crucial detail awaits discovery, one that would throw Emilia’s world into complete chaos.

Despite her steely exterior, there indeed exists a secret in her life, a detail from her past that threatens to consume her present. It further makes a comment about how capable society is of being cruel to women, forcing them to make some very difficult choices. The plot loses some of its consistency and tautness in the second half, and yet, a comment about women’s location in society, and the obstacles that it places in their way, remains explicit.
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