Baba Jee | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 2, 2023

Baba Jee

By Basir Ahmed with 7

crime · Short Films · hindi

Set in Karachi, Pakistan, the film conjures a seedy world of crime, betrayal and violence. Kashif is suspected to be a rat by his boss, the formidable, mysterious and all powerful Baba Jee. He sits before Khawar, an old-time partner who owes his life to him. The film primarily keeps itself confined to the same physical space, employing lighting and shadows to conjure a realm defined by secrets, grunginess and the constant threat of violence that lurks insidiously under the surface.

The exchange between the two characters exhibits ease in terms of chemistry, and deep potential in terms of writing. The background score supports the endeavor most remarkably.

The young filmmaker has identified the voice and tonality he should bring to his projects, and should indeed stay with it for future endeavors. It would be quite wonderful indeed to see what more creative pursuits come out of this overlap.
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