Armadillo | Short Film of the Day | Yawdoesitall, Maina Doe

Short Film of the Day October 28, 2020


By Tyler Smith with 6.8

music video · Short Films

On the surface of it, the music video is simply the story of a romance gone awry. The vocals enhance the communication of this message as two mesmerising voices present the listener with the beginning, middle and end of this relationship. However, it is notably in this manner that the video secures an elevated position for itself. Australian singer and musician Yawdoesitall, a young powerhouse of talent and skill to watch out for, enables this particular product to reach higher and higher with the help of a combined endeavour with Maina Doe.

As rap meets R&B, the visuals fill any gaps that may have been left behind and help to complete the final result. From cheery, sun-lit scenes of parks, marking the nascent stages of a romance, to the shadows, silhouettes and dimly-lit frames that take this bliss, and the viewer along with it, into a grey territory, the intentions of the song and the video are made clear unequivocally and seamlessly.

Easy and relaxed in its approach, Armadillo does not make any effort to try and be something it's not, and it is precisely in this effortlessness that its success lies.
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