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Short Film of the Day April 29, 2021


By Manuel Alejandro Vargas with 6.9

drama · Short Films

The entirety of the narrative develops and concludes within the duration of an evening. The progression of events is kept abreast with the pace of the single-shot-film which introduces you to a couple about to head out for a celebratory dinner. However, what could have otherwise been a moment marked by joy and pleasure, is somehow overpowered by an undercurrent of tension, of something simmering right below the surface.

All the information is revealed to the viewer in a controlled, but organic manner, allowing the story to flow smoothly and come into its own with control. The performances enhance it further, asserting in no equivocal terms that honesty, vulnerability and rawness of emotions is sometimes all that is needed to make a story work.

Though the film could have gained from a better control on lighting, one is willing to accommodate it for the storytelling it offers, and the smooth visual flow of the developments. Additionally, there is a sense of intimacy and affection that is brought to life using the argument of its only two characters, who may disagree in the moment, but still have a common thread of a shared life tying and holding them together.
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