Apa Sherpa | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 13, 2024

Apa Sherpa

By Eric Crosland with 7.9

documentary · Short Films · english

The documentary by Sherpas Cinema is the most breathtaking romance with the frightening, intimidating, but also overwhelming mountains. Tracing the life of a Sherpa called Apa, who as a baby miraculously survived an avalanche and now holds the world record of having summited the formidable mountain 21 times, this short film invokes concern a very important cause - education in rural Nepal.

It draws attention to the hardships the locals deal with on a daily basis, often risking their lives climbing the Himalayas as porters, in order to be able to make ends meet for their families. The short film throws light on the life and times of the community which is struggling to get education at its doorstep to ensure their children have more opportunities than they did. With its stunning cinematography, brilliant narrative and honest storytelling, Everest is sure to move you in a manner few pieces of art are capable of.
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