American Ichor | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 6, 2021

American Ichor

By Kyle Perrone with 6.3

drama · Short Films · english

Ichor, which simply means the blood of gods, ensures that the film has led the viewer by hand to its core intentions right at the beginning with its very title. Ichor also has a link to human wounds, which is employed further in the narrative when the protagonist asserts his own knowledge of wounds. In terms of the story, what begins as a losing battle for him and his fellow-soldiers in the nineteenth century eventually comes full circle in the twenty first. The narrative strives to bring in adventure, action, fantasy and drama to further embellish its story.

Our protagonist is a man who has known loss and personal tragedy. Consequently, when he finds himself staring directly into the face of death in the form of a blood-sucking being who has killed all his companions, there is little that makes him flinch. He is ready to embrace his end, and yet, life has something else in store for him.

The story further invokes Mary Shelley and the inspiration she drew from the myth of Prometheus for her masterpiece, Frankenstein. The film endeavors to invoke a conversation on life and death, on loss, love, tragedy, and more explicitly, one's idea of the nation. It is well-intentioned and sincere, almost theatrical in its performances and character developments. However, if the same theatricality could have been replaced with a little more effortlessness, it would have benefitted the film more.
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