All Things Must End.  | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month November 2023

All Things Must End.

By Janelle Little with 7.2

dark comedy · Short Films · english

The film opens with a terrible development, the sudden and tragic death of Noah’s wife while doing the most mundane, ordinary task. When Noah continues to pretend like she never died and goes ahead with life as usual, the narrative swiftly changes in tonality and approach to present a story marked by the absurd, and in the process, the darkest humor.

Though humor might have nestled itself within the circumstance, it is denial, grief, longing, and the resultant rejection of letting go that become the primary preoccupation of the film. The storytelling shows promise, prompting the possibility of a longer project of a similar tenor.

At the same time, the film’s brevity allows it to sustain itself, without losing its impact or becoming farcical. The employment of the fixed space, competent performances, and visual grammar ensure that it successfully communicates all of this in a lasting way, resounding its core message first established in the title.
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