A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day January 6, 2022

A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas

By Jenna Laurenzo with 6.8

romance · Short Films · english

The film is a sweet single-take narrative that presents to us a holiday romance, but brings in a fresh breath of air by taking flight from heteronormative love stories. As two women serenade, argue, disagree, only to find the inevitable way back to each other, the film presents its plot to you.

It weaves together various elements and characters in a smooth, seamless take, ensuring that the plot misses no beats. The movement of the narrative swiftly continues from one point to another, presenting to you the comprehensive whole of the story, ensuring to keep the viewer engaged throughout.

At its core, the film is simply about a lover’s tiff, and the efforts of both parties to address and resolve it. It is indeed the performances and the execution that bring to it a tonality that would ensure that A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas indeed succeeds at leaving the viewer with a sense of cheer and warmth, a la a true holiday romance.
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