A Little Noir Music | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee June 29, 2021

A Little Noir Music

By Deb Ethier with 6.3

crime · Short Films · english

The short narrative is a sincere endeavor that tips its hat to noir filmmaking. It ropes in the quintessential elements of the genre - crime, the secrets that lurk in shadows, the unforeseen developments that often result in violence and the intrigue that remains inherent to them all.

While a woman watches from a dark corner, a man pursues another closely. The latter is in possession of an object the former seeks to secure for himself. However, little are the two men aware that it would eventually belong to neither of them. When the object is finally obtained, it further reveals a key piece of information that then communicates the message intrinsic to the film, one which also serves as an important metaphor in the story.

As the darkness of the night stretches endlessly, this object finally finds a home, while also fulfilling the purpose of portraying for the viewer the intentions the film had set out to convey.
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