A Good 'Ole Fashioned Duel | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 13, 2021

A Good 'Ole Fashioned Duel

By Andy Pedroza with 6.4

comedy · Short Films · english

Two characters in the middle of a field, a duel about to break out as the opponents face each other, but just when the stage has been set, the narrative undercuts the intensity it might have suggested so far with a comedic addition. The situation is thus revealed to the viewer, and the short narrative, marked by simply the portrayal of a single moment, comes into being.

Henry and 'Iron Sides' were supposed to work on a history project, but the former, seemingly missed some crucial details about all that it entailed. Instead of the PowerPoint presentation they could have done, he is now in the middle of attempts of delineating a confrontation between adversaries in the Wild West.

The final result is a devoted endeavor, but one which could have gained from a tighter control on its lighting, as well as with a slightly more elaborate narrative. Having said that, A Good 'Ole Fashioned Duel remains sweet and sincere, presenting the viewer with the honest attempts of a dedicated team.
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