A Bitter Murmur | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day August 12, 2022

A Bitter Murmur

By Manuel Baeza with 7

horror · Short Films · english

The film is a brief, crisp, fast-paced story about a woman who is grappling with immense change in her life. Sam has recently moved to a new city with her husband. Away from loved ones and a life she was more familiar with, she now finds herself physically and emotionally isolated.

Throughout the film, there is an overarching suggestion of the loneliness she battles in her marriage as well. With an absentee husband, Sam only has her own terrors and nightmares as companions in the darkness of the night. The film explores all of this and some more in its few minutes, roping in jump scares and a suggestion of the darkness of the human mind, to bring its intended horrors to life.

There is a suggestion of the internal demons of the mind making their way into the corporeal, physical reality of the protagonist, while keeping the viewer guessing about the nature of the haunting - whether supernatural or psychological. In the process, the final result becomes an engaging and absorbing ride, one that will keep you at the edge of your seat all along.
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