Catvid-19: S1.E1


By Andrew Ball-Shaw with 6.5

Season 1
The introspection of a cat during isolation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic forms the focal point on which the narrative pivots. The mini-series weaves the story that rests at the heart of the battle against the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Interestingly, it is from the point of view of a cat who is adorable in his laziness, and deeply endearing in his philosophical and existential ruminations. Following an introduction to the said house cat, Catvid-19 becomes a documentation of Mike's experiences and lived reality - capturing the most opportune moments of the kitty's life.

From lounging and napping to attempting to dig his way to freedom (well, until he feels sleepy enough for his next nap), from fighting potential foes from behind the glass window to losing his mind fantasizing about the life that once was - the plot offers an adept interaction with the internal workings of the cat's mind. The humour that is evoked at his expense is precisely what the viewer is here for, and Catvid-19 serves it to them most generously.

Now, Mike is an especially intense kitty. The fluffball's antics and appearance are in direct contrast with his heavy musings, helping to enhance the humour further, deliberately so, along with being smartly handled.

However, once the pandemic isolation ends and the kitty can go out in the world again, there is another interesting dynamic waiting for him as well as the viewer. Whether or not he likes the return to normalcy, where he can once again run into his peers is Mike's problem to solve. He steps out to find that now there are self-righteous ‘Covid babies’, born as a result of their parents isolating at home, to be dealt with.

There are also the consequences of an isolation that lasted a little too long, consequences that have changed friends and acquaintances that are waiting to confront our protagonist. And yet, amidst all of this, the series maintains its endearing tone throughout, despite the underlying circumstance of a pandemic that one might momentarily forget while watching Mike. As for those who have come along with him on his adventures, this peek into his life is sufficient to ease them of burdens of an existence that still faces an uncertain future.
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