Behind the Mask

By Cathie Boruch
$ 5.99
Season 1
March 15, 2021
The world according to Covid08:32
The world according to Covid
May 21, 2021
Deep Dive07:02
Deep Dive
May 23, 2021
Awakening receptionist05:39
Awakening receptionist
May 21, 2021
Receptionist duties03:04
Receptionist duties
The series of videos documents the manner in which life has come to a halt, or not, in a city like New York that has always been known for its vibrancy and the hustle-bustle of activity. The lead in the narrative brings in voices from across the spectrum to explore the same premise.

From hair-dressers to construction workers to artists in the performance space - a whole array of people are spoken with to share their experience of a life in a world battling a pandemic. The videos strive to keep their tone tinged with humor and lightheartedness, hoping to keep the viewer's thoughts away from the morbidity that has come to define contemporary times.

Overall, the final result is a sincere attempt to look at different pockets of New York, using the experiences of its protagonist as she invites the viewer into her universe, and also, her interactions with those around her. The product, however, could have gained from a more cohesive narrative to hold all of these visuals together, along with a little more stability in them.
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