You Disappeared Again | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day December 9, 2020

You Disappeared Again

By Lindsay Calleran with 7

drama · Short Films

The territory of consent is not simply confined to explicit gestures or dialogue, non-verbal cues form a major, undeniable part of it. This is indeed the nuance which, despite its palpability, is often overlooked by partners while engaging in a sexual encounter.

The short film is a conversation with the same unease a woman feels with a lover during a shared moment of intimacy. While the viewer can feel the progressive rise of the disconcertment, the lover is far from the same comprehension of the situation. The verbal exchange in the film is frugal, employing an economy of words. The partnership of its only two actors suffices to bring the emotions to life in a powerful, hard-hitting manner, leaving no doubt in the viewer's mind about the intention of the plot.

The tightness of the visuals carries a strong emotional revelation, but instead of subscribing to a place of love, affection and comfort, they bring to life an underlying tension, threatening to become more and more perceivable with every passing moment. Potentially triggering for some, the film is unequivocal and clear in its discussion of thematic concerns that are often relegated to a world of uncertainty and the greys, whereas being far from the obscurity that is often used to shield one's own over-stepping of boundaries, especially when it comes to matters of sex, relationships and a woman's consent.
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